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CARM is a company that is still entirely owned by the family that launched its activity, with records dating back to the mid-17th century. The agricultural operation has always been focused in the region where the Douro River begins its course exclusively in Portuguese territory. This is also where the oldest demarcated wine region begins – the Demarcated Douro and Port Wine Region.

Our goal has always been to produce high quality olive oils and wines, using only olives and grapes from our estates, with approximately 60 hectares of almond, 220 hectares of olive groves and 200 hectares of vineyards located around the village of Almendra, in the best part of the Upper Douro, included in the Côa Valley Archaeological Reserve.

Celso Madeira Support Supervisor Graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from University of Porto and completed the ‘High Corporate Management Program by IESE’ (U. Navarra). Has performed extensive activities in the management and execution of major public and real estate construction works in various countries. Has always been associated with the family’s agricultural production. In 1966, he planted the first vineyard in the Douro on terraces executed by bulldozer. In 1995, he converted the agricultural operation to organic production methods (currently controlled by SATIVA). Filipe Roboredo Madeira Support Supervisor Studied medicine at University of Genova. Still in Italy, in 2002 he completed the demanding Olive Oil Taster Course by ONAOO (Italian Association of Olive Oil Tasters). Manager of CARM, in charge of Winemaking, Marketing and Sales. António
Magalhães Ribeiro
Support Supervisor Graduated with a degree in Winemaking from the University of Trás os Montes e Alto Douro. In charge of Production, Winemaking and Winegrowing at CARM since 2002.



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